Dominant Spotting


Tri-Spot, Classic Spot

Even, symmetrical white spots on the nose, forehead, neck, and tail-tip, as well as four white paws and at least some white on the chest and belly.



Collared, Collar-and-Blaze (if blaze is present)

The same arrangent as Spotted, but with more white; the defining feature being that the neck patch extends into a full white collar. A white blaze may run from the nose spot to the collar. White areas should be clearly defined, without the base color mixing in at the edges.



Lightly Mottled, Pied with Mottling

Between Pied and a true Mottled: having the Pied collar, with white mottling across the hindquarters. White areas may or may not have clear edges.

**Not recognized for showing. Judged as Pied or Mottled, depending on which standard is closer.



White patches make up 50-75% of the gerbil's coat. Should have white mixed in with the base color, rather than clearly defined spots. Color breaking up the collar is preferred.


High White (US)

Extreme Mottled

Over 75% of the gerbil's coat is white. Looks more like a white gerbil with colored patches than a colored gerbil with white patches. May be associated with deafness and other health problems. Due to an accumulation of modifiers, not the Semidominant Lethal Spotting mutation found in Europe.

**Not recognized for showing. Having over 75% white is an automatic disqualification.



Mottled "Carrier"

A gerbil that does not have a spotting mutation, but appears spotted due to an accumulation of modifiers.
Most distinctive feature is a mixture of clear and normal-colored nails. Nonagouti colors may show partially or fully white paws, an extensive white "bib", white marks near the genitals, a white forehead spot, or any combination of the above.

**Not recognized for showing.


Homozygous Lethal SpSp

Pups with the lethal SpSp combination are typically reabsorbed in the womb. But occasionally, suspected SpSp pups are born and may survive for a few days. Pups are tiny and pale, with dark eyes.


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