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A note on names: The official names below are in the format [Breeder prefix] [Co-breeder prefix if applicable] [Name] [Owner prefix]. My prefix is "SStar". So any gerbil whose name starts with SStar is one that was born here. Others may have been from other breeders, pet stores, or even rescues, depending on the prefixes or lack thereof.

SStar's Dancing Through Life

Agouti, male

Dancer-head  Dancer-side
bis   Best in Show
2011 AGS Virtual Show
first       First Place
White Belly Class
2011 AGS Virtual Show

SStar's Xerxes

Lilac, male

xerxes-face1  xerxes-side-r
first      First Place
Pup Class - Males
2011 AGS Virtual Show

SStar's Kohl

Nutmeg, male

Kohl-face  Kohl-side
third      Third Place
Pup Class - Males
2011 AGS Virtual Show

SStar's Regulus

Pied Agouti, male

reggie-vs08-face  reggie
first First Place
Pied Class
2008 AGS Virtual Show
reggie-show-orig_cropsmall third Third Place (tie)
Pied Class
2008 NE AGS Show

SStar's Stratus

Lt. CP Agouti, female

BOS      First Place - Best Opposite
Other Class
2008 AGS Virtual Show

SStar's Candide

Dark-Tailed White, male

candy-vs07-face  candy-vs07-side
2      Second Place
Pup Class
2007 AGS Virtual Show

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