Phase 2

2006 - 2008

Shooting Star Gerbils began with a single breeding pair in early 2003:
Snowball (DTW female) and Oreo (Black male).
In 2006 we began breeding again, with gerbils from all over the country. Our goal was Nutmegs and Lightened Nutmegs, but we eventually gathered most of the color mutations that were available at the time.

We later added Kotan, a Siamese female.

All of our our original gerbils descended from these three.

Other noteworthy Phase 1 gerbils:

We stopped breeding in 2004, and our population eventually dwindled down to two gerbils:
Akanbo (Siamese female) and Haiiro (Black male).

In 2006, Akanbo was introduced to a female companion, and Haiiro was bred to continue our original line into Phase 2.

Last updated: November 2011

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